Winter tips for pets

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With winter fast approaching, here are some tips to help keep your pets safe and healthy:

Check your pets paws frequently for signs of cold weather injuries which include cracked paw pad or bleeding.

After every walk be sure to wipe down your dogs paws from any ice or salt that could have gotten in between their paws. Another solution to this could be booties on their feet. Will help with salt and ice and minimize wiping their paws. If they have a short coat, one thing to consider would be a sweater or dog coat ( can be purchased at any supercenter chain store or pet stores).

Be sure their collars are up to date with most recent information, such as address and cell phone number. Pets can get lost at any time of the year, ice and snow can hide recognizable smells that once was able to guide them home, microchipping is another way of permanent means of identification and could be used with a collar to get the pet back home(call us for more information on microchipping)

Avoid ice when out on walks. Especially around areas that are usually lakes.

It is not recommended to keep pets outdoors for longer periods of time during the winter time, if thats not possible, provide shelter with access to warmer areas against wind and access to non-frozen water (keep changing out water before it freezes or use a warmer)